A night out in Guam has something for everyone.

Whether you are a group of adults eager to paint the town red or a young family looking for a relaxing evening to bond, Guam has something to offer. Here are a few tips to make the most of nightlife on the island. 

Molly’s Irish Pub

Bar Hop

You won’t have to search hard to find bars in Guam.

After all, the drinking culture here is alive and well. Each neighborhood has a locally owned watering hole where Guamanians gather to unwind. These places offer affordable alcoholic drinks and happy hour specials.  

Sing Along to Some Live Music

A number of establishments feature lounge singers or a live band. A quick search online or an inquiry with your hotel concierge or a few locals will alert you to any visiting bands or musicians and the best places to enjoy some live music. 

Treat Yourself to a Show

Guam has a number of options for dinner and a show. The most enduring is Tao Tao Tasi. Composed of over 30 performers and an entirely original production, the show is set on the beach with the ocean as the backdrop.

The show creator consulted Guam’s leading cultural experts to create an extravaganza that celebrates Pacific island culture through storytelling and dance. 

Stroll Around the Night Market

For more family-friendly options, consider a stroll through the Chamorro Village Market. Every Wednesday night, the Chamorro Village in Hagatña, the capital of Guam, hosts an open-air market. The event features a range of local and international food, souvenirs, fair booths for kids, and a Chamorro cultural show. 

On Thursday nights, the village of Magilao also operates a night market. While some of the same vendors can be found at the Chamorro Village Market, a few are exclusive to the Magilao, making the market worth exploring. 

Tumon Night Market

The Tumon Night Market, on the other hand, takes place on Saturday nights at Ypao Beach. Food trucks line the venue and offer traditional Chamorro cuisine and local seafood. Other trucks offer dishes from Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, and Korea. Vendors also sell sweet treats like cool beverages, shaved ice, doughnuts, and ice cream.  

The market has 30 independent retailers that offer visitors a wide selection of arts and crafts, locally made toys, and other unique travel-friendly trinkets that are easy to take home.  Local bands also play live regularly, and there are fair booths available for the children.